Bouncy Ball - Bad Lip Reading

This episode of Bad Lip Reading on Disney XD features a hilarious remake of a popular song from High School Musical.

Honorable Mentions

These social media posts were funny but they just didn't make the top 5.

Supa Hot Fire VS B-Bone

Supa Hot Fire is a character in a popular series of satrical YouTube videos, parodying battle rap. The videos consist of rapper Supa Hot Fire battling multiple rappers, which has included guests Soulja Boy, Chris Rock, and Timothy DeLaGhetto.

Marlon Webb Watermelon Vine

Marlon Webb Watermelon Vine Compilation featuring his ultra popular Watermelon Vine that went viral receiving oer 15 million views on Youtube alone.

Mans Not Hot (Official Audio)

"Man's Not Hot" is a song by British comedian Michael Dapaah. It is his first single released under the name Big Shaq. The song has been certified silver in the UK by the BPI, indicating 200,000 combined sales and streams.The music video has also gained over 150 million views on YouTube.

Don't Buy 2k18 For PS3 or XBOX 360

Watch this video before you buy the game to see the difference in the graphics!