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This page contains a list of cheats, codes, tips, and other secrets for NBA 2K17 for Xbox 360. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please comment below.

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Locker codes

At the main menu, select "Options", "Features", then choose the "Locker Codes" selection. Enter one of the following codes to obtain the corresponding bonus. Note: Some codes may eventually expire.

Result Code

Infinite VC

At the main menu, select "Play Now", then "Play Now Online", and choose a Tier 5 team. Wait for the jump ball animation, then just before the tip starts, quit the game entirely by either closing the game app from the system menu or resetting the system. You should get approximately 400 VC. Repeat this process as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of VC. Note: Currently you are able to avoid a soft ban, which can last between 5 minutes and 15 minutes, by doing it this way. This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game and will probably eventually get patched.

At the main menu, select "Play Now", then "Play Now Online", and choose a Tier 4 team. Once the game starts, immediately foul the opposing team, then pause the game and select "Quit". You should get approximately 500 VC. Repeat the same progress again. After quitting a second time, quit the game entirely by either closing the game app from the system menu or resetting the system. Then, repeat this process as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of VC. Note: Some players have reported getting a soft ban that lasts between 5 minutes and 15 minutes for doing this, but there have been no reports of permanent bans. This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game and will probably eventually get patched.

Easy VC

Set up a MyLeague using one of the historic Bulls team, then Simcast live through each game to get approximately 200 to 300 VC for each game. It takes about 15 minutes per game.

Download the MyNBA2K17 app. You can get free VC at least three times a day, using three accounts (for example, using your iPad and Android device). You can login via GameCenter to get VC, then Google to get more VC, then just using your 2K account via PSN. They are three different sets of cards for three times the daily VC.

In MyCareer mode, an easy way to get VC is from endorsement meetings and events. Complete as many games as possible in the shortest duration and attend these meetings to get a good amount of VC. Additionally, if you are confident in your abilities, you can try playing MyCareer games on the Hall Of Fame difficulty to get as much as 1,000 VC per game –- depending on how you perform.

In MyLeague mode, let the CPU play the franchise games. All you need to do is to make sure to leave the controller in the middle of the game and let the AI control both the teams. At the end of the game, you will be awarded with a decent amount VC –- depending on the length of the game. You can simply leave the game running in the background and do other things. Return when the game complete and start a new game. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Download the NBA 2K17 smartphone app titled MyNBA2K17. For almost everything you do in the app, you will earn a small amount of VC. You can also watch the NBA 2KTV clips that appear when you start the game and answer some simple questions afterwards to get a decent amount of VC.

Grand Badges

Grand Badges are secret badges that give players a special meter providing them a temporary buff in MyCareer matches and are some of the best boosts that a player can get in the game. Each archetype in the game has a Grand Badge that is exclusive to it. There is one Grand Badge in the game called the Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge that allows a player to shoot from almost anywhere on the court. To get a Grand Badge, you must perform a character's Archetype Badge over a hundred times. Once you unlock a Grand Badge, a red icon will appear under the player. Note: You can still achieve badge progression on the Rookie difficulty.


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding badge:

Personality Badges

  • Alpha Dog: Have the highest overall rating on your team.
  • Clutch Performer: Unknown.
  • Wildcard: Unknown.
  • Spark Plug: Come off the bench with at least 7 points in a certain number of games.
  • Enforcer: Execute 10 hard-hitting and non-flagrant fouls in a single season.
  • Championship DNA: Win an NBA Championship.
  • Microwave: Have two red rings under your player for 10 games in a row.
  • High Work Ethic: Unknown.
  • Legendary Work Ethic: Unknown.
  • Low Ego: Unknown.
  • All Time Great: Unknown.
  • Floor General: Unknown.
  • Hardened: Unknown.
  • Reserved: Unknown.
  • Laid Back: Unknown.
  • Unpredictable: Unknown.
  • Keep it Real: Unknown.
  • Expressive: Celebrate any time the prompt appears.

Playmaking Badges

  • Dimer: Perform 300 assists in 20 games.
  • Lob City Passer: Perform 50 ally-oop assists in a single season.
  • Ankle Breaker: Perform 200 double moves leading to score assists in a single season.
  • Flashy Passer: Perform 50 flashy passes in a single season.
  • Pick and Roll Maestro: Go for Dimer, PNR Maestro, and Lob City at the same time. Once done, call for the pick, then double tap Triangle when your center or pick man cuts to the rim.
  • Break Starter: Unknown.

Defensive Badges

  • Pick Pocket: Perform 50 poke ball loose animations.
  • Defensive Stopper: Unknown.
  • Rim Protector: Perform 100 blocks in a single season.
  • Charge Card: Draw 7 charges in a single season.
  • Pick Dodger: Run through every screen.
  • Chase Down Artist: Unknown.
  • Rebounding Badge: Unknown.
  • Hustle Rebounder: Get around 400 rebounds.

Inside Scoring Badges

  • Acrobat: Perform 15 reverse layups and 4 charge-shot layups in a single season.
  • Tear Dropper: Perform 50 tear drops or floaters in a single season.
  • Putback Ring: Unknown.
  • Pick and Roller: Unknown.
  • Relentless Finisher: Max your strength out and perform 75 contact layups.
  • Post Spin Technician: Perform 100 post spins or drive moves out of the post in a single season.
  • Drop Stepper: Perform 30 drop step moves in a single season.
  • Dream-Like Up and Under: While you are in the post, attempt 50 Up and Under moves in a single season.

Outside Scoring Badges

  • Corner Specialist: Get 25 corner 3's.
  • Mid-Range Deadeye: Perform 60 highly contested jumpshots.
  • Deep-Range Deadeye: Unknown.
  • Limitless Range: Get 40 deep 3's and shoot 30% on the last 30 3's made.
  • Pick and Popper: Set a screen, roll out, and shoot a 3.
  • Difficult Shots: Perform around 200 hop shots, step backs, dribble pull ups, etc.

Athletic Badges

  • Lob City Finisher: Perform 15 ally-oops in a single season.
  • Posterizer: Attempt 15 contact dunks in a single season.
  • Bruiser: Unknown.
  • Brick Wall: Set 100 good screens in a single season.
  • One Man Fast Break: Score 75 times on a fastbreak in a single season.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

  • ...One with Everything (Platinum): Earn every trophy in NBA 2K17.
  • Immortality (Gold): Make the Hall of Fame in MyCAREER mode.
  • Ticker Tape (Gold): Win an NBA Championship in The Association mode.
  • 82-0 (Silver): Finish any team's Schedule in MyTEAM.
  • Buzzer Beater (Silver): Make a game winning shot with no time left on the clock in a non-simulated game.
  • Hamilton (Silver): Win 10 Versus matches total.
  • I'm Here to Stay (Silver): Get 1,000,000 fans in MyCAREER mode.
  • Man of the People (Silver): Get 2,000,000 fans in MyCAREER mode.
  • My All-Star (Silver): Be named an NBA All-Star in MyCAREER mode.
  • Some more Special than Others (Silver): Purchase and equip 5 Signature Skills simultaneously in MyCAREER mode.
  • The Closer (Silver): Hold the opposing team to zero points in the final two minutes of a non-simulated game.
  • You're Officially Hot (Silver): Win 5 Versus matches in a row.
  • Another Day, Another Win (Bronze): Win 5 NBA Today matchups.
  • Back to Back to Back (Bronze): Win 3 Versus matches in a row.
  • Block Party (Bronze): Record 10 or more blocks with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • Both Feet on the Ground (Bronze): Sign an endorsement contract with either Nike® or Jordan in MyCAREER mode.
  • Come Fly with Me (Bronze): Purchase Michael Jordan's dunk package (Historic Jordan) in MyCAREER mode.
  • Dawn of an Era (Bronze): Get drafted as a lottery pick in the NBA draft in MyCAREER mode.
  • Dub-Dub (Bronze): Record two double doubles with any teammates in the same non-simulated game.
  • Everyone is Special (Bronze): Purchase and equip 1 Signature Skill in MyCAREER mode.
  • Five by Five (Bronze): Record 5 or more in 5 different stats with any player in a non-simulated game.
  • Freshness (Bronze): Purchase a Booster in MyTEAM mode.
  • Giveth and Taketh Away (Bronze): Record 10 or more rebounds and assists with any player in a non-simulated game.
  • Hey Mr. DJ (Bronze): Create a 2K Beats Playlist.
  • Hold the Fat Lady (Bronze): Start the 4th period losing by 10 or more points and win with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • Human Highlight (Bronze): Win the Slam Dunk Contest.
  • It's Got to be the Crews (Bronze): Winning is everything. Get a W as part of a Crew.
  • It's Raining (Bronze): Make 15 or more 3-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • Lincoln (Bronze): Win 5 Versus matches total.
  • Maestro (Bronze): Create a shoe in the 2K Shoe Creator.
  • Men of Steal (Bronze): Record 10 or more steals with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • My Every Day Player (Bronze): Become a starter in the NBA in MyCAREER Mode.
  • MyPLAYER of the Game (Bronze): Be named Player of the Game (in an NBA game) in MyCAREER mode.
  • NBA Cares (Bronze): Make a donation to the NBA Cares global community outreach initiative in MyCAREER mode.
  • Now Playing (Bronze): Purchase a pre-game ritual in MyCAREER mode.
  • On the Road Again (Bronze): Play a MyPLAYER Blacktop game online.
  • Puppet Master (Bronze): Adjust your "Total Sim Control" strategy in The Association or Season mode.
  • Serving Notice (Bronze): Get 250,000 fans in MyCAREER mode.
  • Smothering (Bronze): Hold the opposing team's FG% below 40% with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • Streaking (Bronze): Win 5 non-simulated games in a row in The Association mode.
  • Swat and Swipe (Bronze): Record at least 5 blocks and 5 steals with any team in a non-simulated game.
  • The Here and Now (Bronze): Begin an Association.
  • The Sum of Its Parts (Bronze): Play a Team-Up Game.
  • This One Counts (Bronze): Win one online Versus match.
  • Trip-Dub (Bronze): Record a triple double with any player in a non-simulated game.
  • Wire to Wire (Bronze): Do not allow your opponent to lead the game at any point with any team in a non-simulated game.

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