NBA 2K17

The graphics are way better than previous years and there are more options allowing me to customize who I want to be on the court.

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What I Liked About NBA 2K17

Fist, let's start with a few of the positive features of 2K 2017. I believe they are still in the lead for producing quality basketball sims and although many have complained about the graphics, I think it looks fine. I have also heard people complain about MyCareer mode being a waste of time, but I enjoy it. I like that my player is up against people who were actually drafted that year. Maybe it will get old at some point, but for now, I like it.

What I Disliked About NBA 2K17

There are so many little things that make this game frustrating and one of them is that they seem to show favoritism to two teams (Cavs & Warriors) and it has one of the worst soundtracks I have ever heard. The songs are horrible and random so I just turn it off. While the college games are fun, you’ll likely find that one mistake can mess up your entire career trajectory. "I had won every game, racked up some decent scores, and attained some pretty impressive teammate grades, only to lose the championship game and see my projected draft pick drop significantly." I've read one player say about the game. Also, the fact that Centers and Power Forwards are able to intercept passes while their backs are turned to the ball, is very annoying. Even though they finally fixed the face scan technology, we still for some reason can't use it in Create A Player or any other mode besides MyPlayer.

My Wishlist

“I would love to see the next 2K add a better soundtrack.”

NBA 2K17 Preview

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NBA 2K17: Overall Score

This is my overall score based on the following criteria:


Gameplay 81%

81% Complete

Graphics 80%

80% Complete

Sounds 52%

52% Complete

Solid graphics

Fun college games

MyCareer Mode a lot of fun


A lot of glitches

Number of fouls called

Online delay/lag

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