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A study funded by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Initiatives Program has found that there are approximately 811,200 Information Communication and Technology (ICT) professionals currently employed in Canada, but provinces across the country will require an additional 182,000 ICT talent by 2019. In light of this growth Dunn Interactive hopes to help by creating more opportunities for youth to explore programming through workshops and mentorship.

Sometimes having a mentor can make all the difference in choosing a career path or field of study. Mentoring is also critical in helping youth explore and develop their interest in the fields of STEM - science, technology, engineering and math. Dunn Interactive partners with local STEM programs, providing them with top-of-the-line training software that can help children develop the skills to program their own games, software or websites.

We also offer one on one mentorship and shadowing opportunities for children or families who are interested in starting their own gaming enterprise.

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Our workshops are for parents, program coordinators, educators and child care providers who are interested in integrating STEM (science, teachnology, engineering and mathematics) into their programs or curriculum. Our workshops offer insight into the importance of STEM in early years education. We can make recommendations on top-of-the-line software, equipment and setting program goals and initiatives.

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Are you looking for a unique opportunity to make money with mobile games? Dunn Interactive makes it easy for families to license our unreleased games for publishing online or in the App marketplace. We do the work from start to finish; setting up your Google Ad account, integrating it into the game, branding the game with your logo, publishing and distributing the game through Dunn Interactive. We even provide your first $100 worth of Google AdWord credits to promote your game.

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Dunn Interactive offers innovative, interactive display technology for special events. Create large interactive wall or floor surfaces or use our touchscreen dispalys for your next event.

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The Dunn family is very passionate about promoting STEM education and we are avaialble to speak to students to enroll in local STEM programs and motivate and encourage them to pursue STEM-related careers.

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Are you a business owner looking for a way to tie-in your upcoming product with a fun, interactive game to reach more customers? Dunn Interactive now offers Advergames - a form of in-game-advertising where brands can build custom video games with the sole purpose of promoting their brand or product. The main advantage is the ability for a brand to build a fun and positive connection with their customers.

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