Convert any space into an unforgettable, fun-filled experience!

Choose from games and effects!

Engage your customers in a hygienic, safe and entertaining way with the Interactive Surface Kit. Our state of the art touchless technology turns virtually any solid surface interactive and any space into an instant play area.

Our units are compact and powerful, delivering a number of high-value benefits including, branded games and effects to help promote your company's vision, products and services while improving your customer experience and awareness.

Our Interactive Suface Kit is touchless which means it's operated by gestures rather than by touching an interface, fusing depth and infrared imagery to provide highly accurate movement tracking on everyday unmodified surfaces such as tables, walls, floors, doors and more.

Simply install our software on your PC or Mac and connect our projector and sensor to the computer's USB and HDMI ports. We recommend using a laptop, which we also offer, for added flexibility. Once our projector and sensor are connected and powered, there are no other components needed to make the games and effects work.

The unit comes with built-in speakers, works well in both bright and dark lighting conditions and projects clearly onto any solid surface between 60" - 300" with a distance between 4.18ft to 32.47ft. That means our Interactive Surface Kit can be used on table tops, glass surfaces, walls, floors, screens, whitebaords, ceilings and more!

The interactive surface area can easily be expanded by installing additional units. Please refer to the table below for pricing.

Dunn interactive offers comfortable payment options and our installers are bonded, experienced and insured
which makes integrating our system safe, affordable and easy for your home or business.

Our smart Android projector doesn't only serve as a way of displaying our games, it's also compatible with different input devices which makes it ideal for presentations. Its intuitive interface makes navigation easy and it's preloaded with popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Youtube, and more for entertainment. With this all-in-one solution, you won't need an additional streaming box and you'll have fewer cables running between the projector and other devices- especially since it is wireless and has bluetooth capability. You will be able to entertain your customers through our interactive games as well as live shows, music and movies improving their experience.

Configurations will depend on the space available. The projection size varies from 60" - 300" with a distance between 4.18ft to 32.47ft.
Optimum screen size is determined based on room dimensions.

$750 Deposit

$115.22 /18 Months
Interactive Software
1 Interactive Unit:
Projector + Sensor + Mount
Wireless, Rechargeable Controller
Brand Integration
100+ Interactive Games/Effects
FREE Delivery
Installation & Configuration
6 Months Technical Support

Monthly Rental
$400 Deposit

*Option to buy before 4 months
Laptop + Preinstalled Software
1 Interactive Unit:
Projector + Sensor + Mount
Wireless, Rechargeable Controller
2-Year Protection Plan - $100
25 Interactive Games/Effects
Delivery & Installation - $120
Ongoing Technical Support
(Deposit + Insurance & Delivery)

Daily Rental
$350 /Unit per day

$500/Refundable Security Deposit
Laptop + Preinstalled Software
1 Interactive Unit:
Projector + Sensor + Mount + Controller
Brand Integration/Special Message
Daily/Weekly Protection Plans - $30 - $50
100+ Interactive Games/Effects
Delivery & Installation- $170
Daily Technical Support
(Plus Protection Plan)

Laptop - $450
(Required if no computer available)
Wireless, Rechargeable Controller - $40
2-Year Protection Plan - $100
5-Year Protection Plan - $160
2-4 Additional Interactive Units - $900/additional unit
10 Additional Games/Effects - $120
Custom Videos/Graphics
(Call 289-688-9560 for pricing)
1-Year Technical Support - $60

Interactive Surface Games

Choose from games and effects and start converting your space into an
unforgettable, fun-filled experience for your customers!

Most of our branded games can be easily modified allowing you to switch out background images and add custom audio. The games are on a timer and can be added to playlists which allows the system to rotate the games either in a specific order, at random or in a loop depending on the settings you choose.

Knockout Interactive Surface Gamee

Knockout (KO)

Win the boxing match when you knock this stubborn opponent down. It won't be easy!

Piano Interactive Surface Game

Piano Player

Want to be the next Beethoven? Show off your piano playing skills and give it your best shot!

Mole Whacking Interactive Surface Game

Whack 'em

Whack these fast-moving moles back into their holes when they pop up.

Race Driver Interactive Surface Game

Race Car Driver

It's a race to the finish! Avoid obstacles and collect fuel and new tires along the way.

Soccer Match Interactive Surface Game

Soccer Match

Start practicing your "GOOAALL" scream and have a ball with this multi-player soccer match!

Animal Rescue Interactive Surface Game

Animal Rescue

Animals are literally falling from the sky! Use your wheelbarrow to cushion their fall.

Dragon Zuma Interactive Surface Game
< 289

Dragon Zuma

Eliminate all of the balls by firing and connecting a matching colored ball!

Troll Hunt


Cast your net and try to catch as many fish in as little time as you can!

Housefly Interactive Surface Game


Someone forgot to take out the garbage and now there are so many flies to swat!

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