Troll Hunt

Collect coins, unlock powerful characters to defeat the Trolls and Goblins and unlock all worlds.

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Controls 96%
Gameplay 94
Graphics 9.8
Troll Hunt Android Game Available Now!

Troll Hunt, officially released in January, 2018, is an adventure Android game developed by JJ Playz Inc. and 360 Net Solutions. Players are called upon to help Commando, a teenager-turned-warrior, to save the world in this battle of good and evil.

Players must defeat the Goblins and Trolls in each world and earn enough coins to unlock the more powerful characters and save the world.

Collect Coins to Unlock More Powerful Warriors


  • Commando: Assigned at the start of the game, single jumps, fires single shots
  • Mystro: Unlocked after earning 300 coins, double jumps, fires single shots
  • The Beast: Unlocked after earning 600 coins, tripple jumps, fires single shots, second fastest
  • Lily: Unlocked after earning 1000 coins, quadruple jumps, fires quadruple shots, fastest runner

Survive and Unlock More Worlds


Earn enough coins to unlock all 4 worlds. But be ware, the game never starts the same. There are slight variations each time you restart the level, making the game more challenging. So players must stay alert.

Each world features obstacles such as:

  • Fire Balls
  • Flying Monsters
  • Spikes on the ground
  • Spiked Ammo Falling From the Sky
  • Giant Crushing Crates
  • Grinding Gears

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