Ice Cream Rush

Get ice cream orders right, keep customers happy and collect payment before time runs out!

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Controls 98%
Gameplay 93
Graphics 9.1
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Ice Cream Rush, officially released in January, 2018, is a cooking/job simulator game developed by JJ Playz Inc. and 360 Net Solutions. Players work in an ice cream shop and have to make all the customer's orders as quickly as possible. But they musn't take too long because time is money in this game! They have to get the orders out to keep customers happy.

Prepare Their Orders Quickly and Keep the Line Moving!


Each customer places a different order and you must reach your order quota/goal before the time runs out. If you fail to get the order correct, you will have some angry, non-paying customers and lose the game. So pay close attention and move as quickly as you can!

Level Up!


Keep your customers happy, meet your order quota/goal and get more customers.

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