STEM instructors Sunny (left) and Colin (right) with Alekzander and Arianna Dunn

Arianna and Alekzander Dunn pose for Snapd Newspaper, showcasing their very first game, Troll Hunt.

Pramilla Ramdahani (CEO, Community Innovation Lab, Whitby), Alekzander Dunn, Nakleea Dunn (Mom), Arianna Dunn

In 2018, Arianna and Alekzander Dunn launched Dunn Interactive, a company that develops multi-platform games.

Working closely with their mom, who is a Graphic Designer and Programmer of 14 years, the kids collaborate to develop the original concepts, characters, content and media elements for their games.

Through at-home mentoring, local STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programs, Arianna and Alekzander have gained an understanding of programming languages in order to be more hands-on in the development of their games.

Arianna is 14 years old and her main contributions include graphic design, testing the games, providing critical feedback, creating content such as blog posts, and music for the websites and their YouTube channel.

Alekzander, 11, works closely with their mom on the programming side, providing guidance on desired character abilities, storylines, game objectives and improvements.

In 2018 they were accepted into a 6-week Youth Business Incubator program at the Community Innovation Lab in Whitby, Ontario where they received training and mentorship on running a successful business.

Since completing the program, Arianna and Alekzander have been working to develop their own gaming consoles and are exploring new and innovative ways to deliver their games.

All of their Android and iOS games are 100% free to download from the app stores and are not only fun, but also inclusive and educational.

Having a healthy blend of mental and physical activity is paramount in the development of each game. Their aim is to improve collaboration, participation and cognitive skills while creating hours and hours of fun and education for kids.

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Dunn Interactive
Dunn Interactive